Ster Network Monitoring Success Study


Approximately 100 Employees






Hilversum, Netherlands

PA Server Monitor helps us in providing reliable services to our internal and external customers.

Ster is the exclusive sales organization of the Public Broadcasters in Hilversum, Netherlands. Ster sells radio, television and internet ads to several A-brands. It is the Dutch broadcasting company that everyone in Holland knows, and Hilversum is the broadcasting city of the Netherlands. Ster was using a multitude of other tools that were not fitting the bill, with too many individual settings, and used PA Server Monitor to replace them all.


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I think your product is just great. So if you ever need references from us to convince a client-to-be, just give them my number and I'll tell them in person!
Marc Punte Marc Punte


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What was your main challenge that led to you using PA Server Monitor?

Marc: "We had too many monitoring tools with different specs to monitor all main processes."

Has PA Server Monitor made your job easier?

Marc: "Absolutely! Looking at the main screen on the wall with all those green buttons gives an instant feeling of the state our environment is in."

Were you looking at competitor products? If so, why did you choose PA Server Monitor over other products?

Marc: "We did some testing with other products but PA Server Monitor just fit the bill."

In what ways has PA Server Monitor helped your company?

Marc: "PA Server Monitor helps us in providing reliable services to our internal and external customers."

How has PA Server Monitor saved your company time and/or money?

Marc: "In a company that makes about 200 million euro a year, every minute of downtime of a process can cost dearly. So the saving is evident every time PA Monitor gives an early warning of trouble about to happen."

What would you say are the benefits of using PA Server Monitor?

Marc: "One tool that can monitor many different processes over many different systems and with thresholds you can set yourself.

Would you recommend PA Server Monitor to other companies that need monitoring solutions? And why?

Marc: "I would, and I have. I think it's the perfect tool for monitoring simple or complex environments with the possibility to add ad-hoc monitors to processes that need a little closer look during busy times, like migrations for example.

We asked Marc"

Marc: " "if he could send us a video testimonial of his experience with our product. He informed us he couldn"t, only because of company policy. However, Marc loved us so much, he offered to invite potential new Dutch clients to visit Ster and see with their own eyes what PA Server Monitor does for "a broadcasting company that cannot afford downtime or broken processes." He said, "I will give a private tour around Ster, by one of your happy users (that would be me.) That"s what I can do!"

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