PA File Sight - Protection and Auditing

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection

Detects ransomware attacks coming from the network and stops them. Supports honeypots and heuristics. Compromised computers are blocked from reaching files on other protected servers on the network.

Ransomware Protection information

Data Thief

Data Loss Prevention (DLP),
Prevent Information Leaks

Detects users copying files, and optionally blocks access. Real-time alerts allow appropriate staff to investigate immediately. Requires Ultra features.

Data Loss Prevention information

Audit File Access

Audit File Access

Audits who is deleting files, moving files or reading files. Often used for compliance purposes. The Ultra version will record this to a database for rich reports.

Audit File Access information

Feature check: real-time monitoring Real-time file and folder monitoring
Feature check: Capture successful actions as well as failures Reports username, IP address and computer
Feature check: record create, delete, access, change Record creations, deletions, accesses, changes
Feature check: alert on moves and renames Alert on file and folder moves and renames
Feature check: permission changes Monitor file and folder permission changes
Feature check: block file access Automatically block access for specific accounts
Feature check: monitor files or subsets Does not rely on Windows Native Auditing
Feature check: centralized management Centralized Management with the Ultra Edition
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Ultra and Lite Editions

Compare Ultra vs Lite to see the differences.

For example, the Ultra Edition has Historical Reports and Advanced Alerts that help detect file copying activity/information leaks.


PA File Sight monitoring options
Monitoring Options
PA File Sight can monitor user activities
Monitor User Activities
Many alerts for PA File Sight
Many Alert Types
PA File Sight configuration security
Configuration Security

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Enterprise Robustness

checkmark Optionally store audit data in Microsoft SQL Server (Ultra Edition)
checkmark Robust security, your data stays on your servers - it is not sent to the cloud
checkmark Monitor remote servers as easily as local servers
checkmark Automatic failover with a hot standby server
checkmark Access control to limit who sees what reports
checkmark Backup SMTP server settings to help ensure alerts get out

See the detailed feature list for more information.

Centralized Management for Ultra Edition

PA File Sight 8.2 is enterprise ready. Easily push out monitoring Satellites to watch remote servers and report back to a central system. Administer the system from anywhere.

PA File Sight file auditing diagram

File Access Auditing Compliance

Many compliance mandates require auditing file access and ensuring file integrity. PA File Sight can help meet those requirements, including those listed below:

PA File Sight can monitor log files. It can alert on writes (changes) to files, but ignore the expected appends to log files. This lets you detect log tampering.

How to Get Started?

File monitoring doesn't need to be complicated. PA File Sight can be installed and configured in literally a minute or two. Specify a local path and some file types to watch and it will get to work immediately.

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