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PA Server Monitor Ultra
PA Server Monitor softwareQuick to setup. Monitor server information (Event Logs, SNMP values, CPU, memory and network counters, running services, ping response time, disk space, and much more), even across the Internet. Many alerts and actions, plus rich reporting.

PA Server Monitor
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PA File Sight Ultra
PA File Sight softwareTrack who accesses, who deletes or creates files on a server. Full alerting and reporting. Reports for powerful file access auditing.

PA File Sight
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PA Storage Monitor Ultra
PA Storage Monitor softwareTrack every file on a file system (file dates, sizes, owner, etc). Rich reporting about file owners, file types, file ages, etc. Also typical Disk Space monitors, etc.

PA Storage Monitor
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PA WatchDISK softwareTrack directory sizes over time. Drives Excel to create reports. Easy drill down to see which directory grew overnight. Low disk space alerts and more.

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[We needed] a way to centrally monitor and manage multiple server issues in a manageable way. [PA Server Monitor] does that in spades. Its versatility in the scope of monitoring is extremely broad - and accurate.
Hands down. It's the bomb.

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