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Approx 1,200 employees

2,000+ installations

64 countries worldwide


IT Service Provider




New Jersey



PA Server Monitor Troubleshoots Servers at Multiple Lights-Out Facilities in Minutes

Cogent"s Infrastructure Support Manager was responsible for IT service levels in servers from 3 different 24/7 locations. From his office in New Jersey he monitored each server for latency and application-failure, and in the case of either was responsible for restoring the network to its optimal operating levels.

Cogent Consulting
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Insanely efficient to set up.
Glenn Martin
Infrastructure Support Manager
Cogent Consulting


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Client Profile

Cogent Consulting, now a member of ConvergEx Group, is a full-service provider of IT solutions, and has over 2,000 installations in over 64 countries worldwide.

Its powerful IT solutions have become the industry standard in natural resource extraction, university administration and manufacturing since 1983.

Cogent Consulting is an emerging provider of commission management and compliance solutions for Wall Street with deployments in major banking and hedge fund institutions.

Customer Story

In the middle of the night the Support Manager was awakened by an alarm sent to his cell phone by PA Server Monitor indicating a network failure in a server more than 300 miles away.

The failed server was in a lights out facility where immediate IT support was not readily available. The failure caused service levels to drop and threaten a breach of SLA contracts, which would cost the company thousands in penalties and lost profits.

The Support Manager knew this was not a false positive because of specific alarm parameters he programmed into PA Server Monitor.

He traveled to his local office, logged onto PA Server Monitor and within minutes was able to accurately diagnose the problem. He traveled to his local office, logged onto PA Server Monitor and within minutes was able to accurately diagnose the problem.

Traditionally it would have taken hours to troubleshoot the problem using the monitoring system previously in place. The old system required users to log into each server individually and decipher code to understand the health status of each server. This meant only a select few had the security-access and training to diagnose a server issue.

All of that changed with the deployment of PA Server Monitor. By customizing alert parameters the support manager was able to eliminate false-positives, so that he could trust any alarm to be a real issue.

By reviewing live server statistics of all servers from one screen and evaluating the most recent report generated by PA Server Monitor, the troubleshooting process was reduced from hours to just a few minutes. After the server was restored the manager was able to print off a PDF report for upper management with one click of the mouse.

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