Upgrading Power Admin Products

We are continually working on the Power Admin products to add new features, improve performance and fix bugs. Upgrading your products regularly will ensure that you have all of the latest features and fixes. Below we describe the two types of upgrades and how to upgrade.

Minor and Major Version Upgrades

There are two types of upgrades, Minor and Major version upgrades.

Everyone is entitled to Minor Version upgrades and do not need to have an active Support & Maintenance agreement to upgrade. For example if you have a v7 license you can upgrade to any v7 build of the same product (v7.1 to v7.2).

Major Version upgrades do require a new license. The best way to get a new license is to keep your Support & Maintenance current. This is costs less than purchasing a new license to upgrade. During the upgrade of a major version the installer will ask if it can check your Support & Maintenance, and if you allow it, and your Support & Maintenance is current, a new license will be downloaded automatically. Of course for this to work your server needs to have access to the Internet. If the server doesn't have access to the Internet please contact us for a new license.

Installing the Upgrade

Upgrading is very easy. During the upgrade all of the configuration and data will be kept.

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